Web Designer in Fremont, MI

BrassWind Designs


Web design is like painting a portrait but instead of brushes Web Developers and Web Designers use codes that computers can recognize. With an Artist's perspective BWD creates a Web identity that defines and markets the unique nature of their business. With technical tools we can create movies, animated graphics, interactive navigational bars and web portals for Web pages, Home pages and ecommerce sites.

In other words we can make cool Web pages and Websites with totally unique graphics. We can link the pages together with awesome pop up menus, buttons and images that can change and interact with the touch of a mouse.

At BrassWind Designs we use software tools like Macromedia's Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash blending them with HTML, CSS, Java and other programming languages to "paint" on the Web. We use Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop to enhance and design images and graphics.

BrassWind Designs is a West Michigan design company not limited by location. Web Designer and Artist, Sheree Lincoln, delights in "painting" online. Sheree also enjoys getting to know her clients and their services first hand. In addition to web design services you will find fine art and photography by West Michigan artists along with unique hand made jewelry, pottery, African Butterfly Hair Clips. Boulevard Kiss Lip Balm, Custom leather trunks and hand painted pillows, wood carving and more.

Location Information

346 E Dayton St
Fremont, MI 49412

Contact Information

Name: Sheree Lincoln
Phone: (231) 670-4181